Application / Procedures

Q1 When does the Application for Entry start?
Application for Entry are accepted from July 1 (Monday) to July 12 (Friday), 2019
*From the 35th competition, the application has been changed to selection on a first-come-first-served basis with a capacity of 30,000 people.
* registrations will close during the appilcation period if the maximum number is reached.
Q2 What is the procedure for the application to enter the race?
Foreign nationals and individuals residing overseas are directed to apply through the Sports Entry (internet).
* Group entry available in English and Chinese versions. Only one entry will be accepted per account.
< Access here to find out details on application > version)

* Proceed from here to access the Chinese version. (Chinese version)
Q3 Are applications accepted on a first come first served basis? Will there be a drawing when the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the race?
From the 35th competition, the application has been changed to selection on a first-come-first-served basis with a capacity of 30,000 people. registrations will close during the appilcation period if the maximum number is reached.
Q4 Why is it first-come-first-served?
Previously, tentative applications were accepted from June and then the payment of the participation fee was requested with the notification sent in August that the application had won in the lottery. However, the two months between these stages meant that the payment rate was very low. Early confirmation of participation is desirable in order to prevent a decline in participation motivation and it also makes it possible for participants from outside the prefecture or overseas to reserve flights and hotels at an early stage.
Q5 What are available methods for making the payment to participate in the race?
[Reference: Entry fee and payment fee (for general entry of ¥8,000)]
Entry application method Race entry fee payment method Entry fee Payment fee Total amount
Sports Entry
Card payment ¥8,000 ¥400
(5% of entry fee)
* No cancellation and no refund for entry fee are given after a payment. We ask for your understanding.
Q6 Can another person enter as a substitute runner to participate in place of an applicant?
Individuals other than the applicant (substitute runners) are not admitted to the race. Furthermore, when any such violation is identified the relevant individuals will be disqualified. It should also be noted that we bear no responsibility whatsoever in relation to any accident that such a substitute runner becomes involved with, or any injury and the like sustained by such an individual during the race
Q7 When will the number card notification arrive after the application for entry has been made?
A notification will be sent to individuals residing in Japan from mid to end November, to the address registered with the application.
A notification email will be sent to individuals residing overseas, to the e-mail address registered with the application.
* The arrival of the number card notification may vary depending on the region of the applicant address. We ask your understanding.
If you didn't receive the notification from the office, please contact us.
For contact inquiries: SPORTS ENTRY Customer Support Center or Japanese only)
Q8 Who should be contacted when the address changes after the application for entry has been filed?
Notify the following contact regarding any changes with contents of respective items registered with the application, due to such reasons as relocation, at your earliest convenience.
SPORTS ENTRY Customer Support Center or Japanese only)
Q9 Do I have to fill in the estimated time?
As the Naha Marathon is officially recognized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, there are many competitive runners in the first half. The runners all start at the same time at the sound of the starting gun and have a lot of momentum, particularly the further towards the front the runner is, so there is a risk of runners falling over. To prevent accidents, be sure to apply with a time that is suitable for your running ability. Do not report a time that is significantly different to the actual time to secure a starting position, as this causes a serious safety hazard. Runners will be put in the last block if no time is written.
Q10 I'd like to use a false name on the application.
We do not accept applications for the Naha Marathon under false names. The application name is not only checked by the secretariat, it is also used in various fields such as the competition, first aid, firefighting, measurement and printed matter. In the event of an emergency, it would take time to confirm the identity of the runner and this would cause a problem for the work. In order to give priority to safety and to enable smooth operations, please be sure to use a name that can be confirmed with your ID card, etc.
Q11 Why was the participation fee increased?
There has been an increase in the cost of labor such as for the security personnel necessary for the event, a rise in the transportation costs and unit prices of goods and also an increase each year in the first aid related expenses. It is also expected that there will be an increase in the safety expenses for venues and the course from now on. The Naha Marathon Association therefore decided to revise the participation fee in order to make the Naha Marathon a sustainable event.
We understand that this puts a burden on the runners, but we are working to ensure that the operation of the event is safe and secure and we will continue to strive to improve the attractiveness of the event and our service to runners. We thank you for your understanding.

Course / Race Rules

Q1 How many stations are there to provide water, sponges and toilets along the race course?
There are 8 water stations, while sponges are provided at 7 stations. Portable toilets are available at 20 locations.

< Access here to find out details >
Q2 What is the interval between distance markers?
There is a marker at every kilometer.
Q3 Where are number cards issued?
Number cards and T shirts are issued at Okinawa Prefectural Budokan.
These items are issued to applicants on the day before race,
November 30 (Saturday) from 10 AM to 8 PM.
Q4 In the event a race entrant cannot make the runner registration on the day before the race (between 10 AM and 8 PM) for unavoidable reasons, would it possible to have items sent in advance?
Courier deliveries of number cards and commemorative T shirts are not provided.
Runner registration is accepted from 6 AM up to the start of the race on the day of the race as well.
It is recommended that runners arrive at the venue with ample time to spare, since a large number of people may be registering on the day.

* Note that if a runner cannot be at the starting line by 8:20 AM, such a runner will be placed at the end of the line.

Access / traffic regulation information

Q1 Is there any parking lot available?

A provisional parking lot will be made available on the free zone side to the west of the Naha Military Port (near Naha Airport). Free shuttle buses will be operating between the provisional parking lot and the venue.

Provisional parking lot operating hours

Day before race for runner registrations: November 30 (Saturday) from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM
On the race day: December 1 (Sunday) from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM

* Cars remaining after the closing time will be towed to another parking location with a tow truck. Transportation fees and parking fees and the like will be charged to the owner of the vehicle in such instances. Drivers are directed to move their cars to outside the gates before closing time.
Q2 What are traffic regulations?
Details on the traffic regulations will be featured in advance on the "Traffic Regulations" page of our website as well as on newspapers, as soon as details of the traffic regulations have been worked out. A "Call Center" will also be established to accept inquiries about the traffic regulations.

< Access here to find out details on traffic regulations >
Q3 What is the access to the venue?
Use a Yui Rail train or a bus.

Yui Rail (Okinawa Urban Monorail)
1 minute walk from Tsubokawa Station and Onoyama Park Station
* Information on fares and schedules

Refer to <Okinawa Urban Monorail> for details.

Fixed route bus lines

Buses taken to reach Koenmae Bus stop
City internal line: No.9
City external line: No.23,No.25,No.26,No.55,No.56,No.87,No.88,No.89
Buses taken to reach Onoyama-koen Station Bus stop
City internal line: No.11,No.17
City external line: No.101,No.105

*Leave at Naha Bus Terminal if you use the other Lines and walk 10 minutes

On Race Day

Q1 Will special drinks be accepted for safe-keeping?
Requests are taken at the "General Information Office" at the gate on the western side of the track and field stadium, between 7:00 and 7:20 AM on the race day. Mark each drink clearly for easy identification.
Q2 Are there locations for storing hand luggage or valuables?

Free luggage storage and paid luggage storage locations are available.

[Free luggage storage location]
The location has been established at the junior baseball park.
Do not store any breakables or valuables inside the tent for luggage storage.
* Individuals other than runners are not permitted to enter inside the tent for luggage storage.
* Note that organizers of the race take no responsibility whatsoever relating to stolen or lost articles.

[Paid luggage storage location]
Luggage is accepted for storage for a fee (¥500) inside the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan. Luggage will be accepted and handed out according to the number indicated by the number card (competition number) so a number card (competition number) must be presented for the service.

Luggage storage (charged) ¥500 (digital cash accepted)  Okinawa Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
[Luggage storage depositing time] 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM
[Luggage releasing time] Until 5:00 PM

Dimensions of luggage accepted for storage
Width + Length + Height = up to 120 cm

* Refrain from depositing breakables, large amounts of cash or expensive valuables for storage.
Q3 Are changing rooms available?
Changing rooms will be installed along the river at the track and field stadium. * Do not leave any luggage inside the changing rooms and hand over luggage to a supporter or deposit them at a luggage storage location (both free and charged luggage storage locations available).

Please also refer to FAQs at the Sports Entry.

Naha Marathon Entry Office(Sports Entry)
Sports Entry P.O.Box #33 Miyazaki Centrai Post Office 880-8691 Japan
An inquiry: (English or Japanese only)

■Naha Marathon Association
10F Okinawa Times Office, 2-2-2 kumoji, Naha, Okinawa 900-8678 Japan